Epson R3000: Air in the system, something else, and a cure???

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Re: Epson R3000: Air in the system, something else, and a cure???

Take out some of the carts and check if you have alteas 50% ink in the primming chamber!!!!

Depending on from whom you baught these carts from, sometimes the chips will declare that you have plenty of ink when you really don't. Please tell us from wish reseller you got these from. Hopefully not a cheap Ebay source.

But you say you always make sure you have full carts. But you could end up with full carts with an empty primming chamber which would lead to airgettin into your ink lines and the to your head dampers.

If your nozzle check patterns are all different every time you run one, that might likely be indicative of air in the lines. If you run several consecutive nozzle checks and the same identical pattern shows up in every one of them, them you likely have a massive multi channel clog. But I think it is indeed air.

Take out each cart, top off with ink and then CAREFULLY insert a bare syringe tip into the ink exit port and draw back until you get a solid draw of ink. That should fill and purge any air out of the  primming chamber if it was empty.

Top off again with ink and then reset the chip. Re insert each cart back making sure your carts are solidly installed and you aren't leaking air due to a bad cart to ink stem seal. Now run a cleanning cycle or two. Do another nozzle chack and see if you have improved the situation.

If you are almost perfect but have a couple of lines missing here and there let the printer rest overnight, with the power button OFF so the the head is parked.

Good luck and please report back.


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