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Re: Canon T3i Lens suggestions

happysnapper64 wrote:

There is little real life difference between the T3i & T4i. The T4i is a little better with video I believe, & has touchscreen cotrols on the lcd screen. I had the T3i & it's a very capable camera, especially for a beginner. I would go with the T3i & the 15-85 USM IS. It's basicaly the crop sensor version of the 24-105 F/F lens, & it is a real beauty. Possibly over your budget, but would be well worth saving up for. The extra 3mm on the wide end makes a BIG difference & 85 leads you in nicely if you go for a 70-200 or 70-300 in the future.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I looked up amazon just now for this model and i find 15-85 USM IS for $659

I also found another lens Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, which is $431.

Sorry.. am a newbie in this area and would need your advise about identifying the difference between these lens. The 2nd one which i put up is much cheaper but its less on wide end and has more reach till 135mm. Since both are USM IS, the autofocus is at same speed / sharpness is same on both lens? Please advise.

I basically want to shoot people and want to have higher sharpness and quick auto focus system.


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