Olympus 17 1.8 Review from Lenstip

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Re: Different charts...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

amalric wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Do your opinions change based one what has changed since your last opinion? Or do you never change your opinion, despite evidence that you should?

Most would call the latter "obstinate", not "consistent"

Please learn to speak proper English, than perhaps I'll listen to whatever you imagined you had to say, but didn't.


You really do like your lame arguments ... that was incredibly juvenile of you ...

QED, an overambitious lamer.

A far more interesting question would be, and Lenstip asked it. Do the present m4/3 lenses improve their resolution when the sensor increases its own - more Mpx?

They didn't find any difference in resolution for the old lenses between 10 to 12 Mpx.

So it seems that in m4/3 sensor outresolves lenses. If lenses can't keep up to sensors, perhaps the bottleneck is in FW correction that is short distance to flange, making distortion and aberrations difficult to correct.

Fuji for instance is not doing v. well by comparison, according to Lenstip tests. And yet fanbois believe they are the cream of the world.

For me, I'll be happy if I have the same resolution of an old Magnum's Leica with my crappy 17mm.


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