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I agree with you.  We just got our camera yesterday, and spent a few minutes fiddling with it.  The off/on lens rotating mechanism takes a little getting used to, but no excessive force was required, and I feel that the indents for standby and on are adequate.  With the lens in out position and standby, it works just like the X10.  Retracting the lens so that it is more compact is a big plus, so I'm not bothered by the off/on mechanism.  There is a little bit of play in the lens in extended position.  And I agree that the X10 feels more solid.

The few differences I notice is the lack of AE/AF lock button, which at least for now makes manual focus essentially unusable because you have to focus by turning the control dial.  I also did not see the distance scale show up while trying to focus this way.

The other feature that I'm still confused by is the Macro mode, which doesn't show the macro icon in the info screen, so difficult to know if it is in Macro mode or not, and maybe it does not even make a difference.

I think that the most striking difference between the X10 and the XF1 is the variation of maximum aperture between wide and tele.  Because the widest aperture very rapidly decreases to f4 and higher, f1.8 is only available at the shortest of focal length.  Zooming makes significant changes in your shutter speed in low light conditions.  So the f1.8 is really mostly a tease.

This camera was for my wife, and final judgement depends on her satisfaction.  That remains to be seen.

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