Olympus 17 1.8 Review from Lenstip

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Re: Olympus 17 1.8 Review from Lenstip

enrique santa wrote:

You forget to mention other reviews -I think at least three of them of well known photographers- that conclude that the 17.1.8 is better or sightly better than the 20.17 pana.You also forget to take a look at the images of this photographers and take your own conclusión.

If you intend to use such counter arguments, surely you can see your way to providing links for those of us who have not seem these reviews and / or images.

I have had the 20 1.7 pana for almost 3 years and it was my favourite lens. I sell it and change for the 25mm PL five months ago.

Which has what to do with the 17 1.8

I also remember the same negative conclusions about de 45mm PL and the 12 mm Oly, only because they are not cheap.....I have both and my personal conclusion is that they are superb lens.

So is everyone else's personal conclusion. How can that possibly be an argument against the 17 1.8's test results?

Is a personal decision to have a ton of mediocre lenses ( and 2-3-4 cams) or have just 3 lens and one cam -this is my case-

Wow ... you managed to make the lamest argument in the world. Well done!

It is a personal decision to use multiple bodies because sometimes people like to travel and not swap lenses, and sometimes they like to film from multiple angles, and so on ... your faint backhanded slap echoes mighty hollow ...

very good ones........Now with this new Oly I´ll have four, very good ones, and my OMD.

Ah .. fan boi. Never mind

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