Software suggestions for Newbee

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Re: Software suggestions for Newbee

keeponkeepingon wrote:

Maybe aftershot pro? It has a free version of the "perfectly clear" plugin which in theory does the "one click" fixes so lacking in lightroom....

Also a good choice although I do not think that its raw converter is on a par with some others.

I bought it when it was first introduced and before I really started using Lightroom. It has some big advantages - a large selection of plugins to provide for missing functionality, non-destructive editing, built-in NoiseNinja 2.0 all wrapped up in an easy-to-use application. But I personally don't like "Perfectly Clear" as I think that the images it produces do not look very good. I realize that is a personal opinion and others like it a lot, but the way the final images look is the reason I don't use it more and why I did not put it on my list. Of course it might be that I am using it incorrectly ...

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