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lpGrumpy wrote:

One further caveat: If you start with an application such as Lightroom, do everything from Lightroom. It is a databased organizer and it will not capture any changes to files (move, delete, edit) if done outside of the application.

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My first comment is that Lightroom is a first class application and you would not go wrong if you bought it. It not only does almost everything you will probably want, it does stuff you won't need for another 6 months, but will probably need then. In addition it is a Digital Asset Managerment (DAM) tool and can help you find photos through keywords, ratings, colors and so forth. In general I cannot say enough good about it. It is true that I use other editors from time to time but Lightroom is one of my first choices (along with PhotoNinja which, in my opinion, does a slightly better job at noise reduction due to its built-in version of NoiseNinja 3.0. Since I take a lot of high  ISO images that is very important to me).

My second comment is that the last caveat stated above is not quite correct. Lightroom can be set to automatically import new images that were moved into "watched" folders by an outside application. I did not know this until I read Lightroom 4 Made Easy by Dave Kelly. I got it for my Kindle (the book can be "borrowed" for free on a Kindle device, but not on a PC or iPad running the Kindle software) and that book has told me an enormous amount that I did not know about Lightroom.

Reading the book has let me know that there are more hidden gems of functionality in Lightroom than I expected. It would be a very good choice.

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