PS CS6 Brush Size shortcut problem

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Re: PS CS6 Brush Size shortcut problem

Here is one possible cause: If you have any layer parameter selected, then keyboard shortcuts will not work. For example, add a blank layer and then click on blending mode, opacity, or fill to select that parameter. In that condition, the bracket keys will NOT adjust brush size. If you hit the escape key, the parameter selection is cleared and the bracket keys will start working again.

Here is a variation on that theme. In the "Adjustments" Tab fly-out menu, the first option is "Auto Select Parameter." If that option is ticked on, every time you add an adjustment layer, it automatically selects one of the parameters. And when an adjustment parameter is selected, no keyboard shortcuts will work.

So, with the "Auto Select Parameter" turned on, add a Levels Adjustment layer. Adjust the levels and then start painting on the mask. Try to adjust brush size with bracket keys. It won't work, because one of the levels parameters is still selected. Turn that Auto Selected Parameter option off and no problems.

I discovered this problem when the Auto Select Parameter on my system mysteriously turned itself on. I swear I didn't do it because I didn't even know it was there. I'm suspicious it got turned on during a Photoshop update. Suddenly, I could not delete adjustment layers with the del key.

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