Should I even buy a camera at all?

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Re: Should I even buy a camera at all?

First of all, photography is the most expensive cheap hobby. I thought that once I have the camera, using it is free, and therefore it is a cheap hobby. How wrong I was! It is insanely expensive! That is because you always need some new equipment, a faster lens, longer focal length, a flash or two, tripod... the list goes on. I have a genuine interest in photography, and can justify all my purchases, because all my equipment are actually being used. If I werent sure of this, a second hand camera with a few lenses (a general zoom and a fast prime) would be the way to do things. Lenses are forever, cameras are being replaced.

If I were in your shoes I´d buy a second hand camera, and used your friends as a source of information. It does seem like you have loads of knowledge avaliable. If you really like using the camera, then invest in lenses as soon as you know what you need. If not, sell it and buy a good compact or mirror less  camera for the few days you need it.

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