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Brian Wadie
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Re: Brian...

Greg, makes sense I misunderstood its reason for being there

Regarding the effect, with my images it wasn't a case of shooting to try to replicate the effect but post-shot analysis of several thousand shots with a range of lenses under many different shooting conditions,  to see if I agreed with what others were saying - (I had expected to disprove it!.)

The analysis showed that, for me, there was a distinct probability of images shot in that band of shutter speeds being less sharp than any of the other images under faster or slower speeds

I'm sure there will be a person to person variation based on technique and I am someone who is very steady when shooting as its a technique I developed over the years to match my desire to shoot hand-held whenever possible (its a personal quirk   )

Its not a "Problem" merely an interesting observation of an effect that some of us experience and has in no way changed my admiration for this little camera

(I do wonder why Olympus came up with the shutter delay option if they weren't aware of this effect though?)

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