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Some comments about frequencies

Not sure if this will help, but:

Human movement in holding a camera and pressing the shutter occurs at low frequencies -- DC to a few Hz. Without seeing the circuitry in detail, I assume that the accelerometers and actuators of IBIS and OIS are chosen and designed to damp motion in that frequency range. Designing a closed-loop sensing and mechanical actuator loop at frequencies beyond a few Hz would be very challenging in the form-factor, power budget and cost budget of a camera. Different situation if you are building a $M telescope.

Wind-induced vibration on a tripod will occur at the resonant frequency of the tripod + camera and at higher harmonics -- 10s of Hz. I doubt that IBIS or OIS can handle those frequencies but I am just guessing. The solution is more mass or using materials that dissipate vibration (like some types of wood and carbon fiber).

Mechanical "shutter shock" and mirror slap are impulses that propagates through the camera body. Each impulse will be a broadband signal starting in the 10's of Hz probably up to the low 100's of Hz. I doubt very much that IBIS or OIS can even pick up this signal, let alone react to it. For the accelerometers to work well against low-F human movement, their signals have to be severely low-pass filtered against anything at such higher frequencies. The only solution would seem to be an electronic shutter.

Brian Wadie in a post above mentions that he has observed shutter shock between 1/60s and 1/160s, but not above or below. That would make sense -- the impulse probably dies down very early in a 1/25s exposure, the frequency range is below a fast exposure, and 1/60-1/160 would intuitively seem to be right in the frequency range of this type of shock.

So there are 3 different issues here, with 3 different solutions.

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