Nikon D80 Mystery Spots on Photos. Any Ideas?

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Re: Nikon D80 Mystery Spots on Photos. Any Ideas?

thomo wrote:

Larsonongraphy wrote:

I've had the camera since it was new and I've never used canned air on it. Only a bulb blower. I noticed another thread with the same problems. We are not alone.

I read this and thought "holy cr@p" I'd better check my D80's, forgetting that I had sold them a year or so back.

I can tell you that is NOT dust or oil - there is some other problem, possibly due to condensation or something between the bayer filter and the sensor. I have heard of problems with using too much fluid when wet cleaning and the excess can spill over the edge and get lodged between the bayer filter and the sensor. If it's not that it has to be a manufacturing issue.

Please keep us informed of Nikon's response

Only problem with that theory is that I had never cleaned my sensor before noticing the splatter. And I do believe it is oil splatter. There are threads out there describing this. The size/shape of these spots is very uniform. Biological growth, dust, fluid seepage (only to the CENTER of the sensor? ... nah), these theories just don't make sense vis-a-vis how the actual spots appear.

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