Who needs Photoshop & RAW when you've got an X Pro 1!

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Re: Who needs Photoshop & RAW when you've got an X Pro 1!

I never said I was "anti-raw" - I said it's horses for courses.  When I need to batch process, colour correct and print 4,000 photos from 9 photographers in one evening to have them ready for display the following morning (in an industry with strict controls on how many hours are worked) - I'll take JPEGs over raws any time.  And the image quality is more than good enough, in fact too good really which is why all the photos are batch-processed through Imagenomic.

There's also the issue of hard-drive space.  Off-site or Cloud storage is not an option on cruise ships, so storage is an issue as photos do need archiving for some time (weddings especially - which are shot raw+JPEG).

I also only mentioned not using raws (other than insurance) from my X100 - as the in camera processing is excellent.  To the point where I'll probably only shoot raw through my Canon DSLRs so I can process them to match my X100 as much as possible when shooting for a job (who wants to hear a 1Ds camera shutter in the middle of their marriage vows?).

As for the word "raw" - that's it, it's just a word, not an acronym - so why capitalise it?

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