Let Us Winterize Your Car

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Andre Bomhof
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Re: Let Us Winterize Your Car

Bob Tullis wrote:

Andre! How are you?

While I have a good RAW to mono workflow already, I'm always interested in more (or maybe I just get bored). For some times out there I've been resorting to continuous FPS and mono JPGs, and working towards developing presets in LR for specific style(s) I will adopt more or less as signatures. This is one of those. Same with the RAWs too, working through the VSCO film style presets. This is mostly about the higher ISO work, hand held streets (where more disciplined land and city 'scapes would be done in with the 'normal' workflow). I've been developing images for a long time, and I'd regard each as a work of itself - so none were really consistent (if I'd show a series from one day, they'd all have a variation of tones and hues/tints). I guess I do this from time to time - like like one day deciding to abandon the 21mp FF with all that good glass for the early µ4/3 sensors.

I don't know why I never looked at the Nikkor lenses, that's a nice one. I guess for not having any experience with glass before taking on the EOS system, I was overwhelmed with what's possible. For some reason I got introduced to Hexanon's and Voigtlanders early on, and that was enough to deal with [g].

Good to hear from you.

Bob, I'm fine thanks. Same for you, I hope! Like so many here I could not quite give up the DSLR camera and go all mirrorless.

But these well made legacy lenses from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Pentax etc. are a joy to use on m4/3, too. I've had the 2.8 24mm AI and 2.0 50mm AI for 25+ years, using them on cameras like the Nikkormat FT-3, FE, FM and F3.

Anyway, I love the work you keep posting here and I will try to follow your example a bit more in this respect!



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