The 18-55 is great but...

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Re: The 18-55 is great but...

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I pick up my zoom tomorrow but I agree with you. The 35mm is good, so sharp that I want every other lens to be as good and I'm afraid I'll feel let down when they aren't. I have Nikon FX/DX system but I don't think I have any of those lenses match the Fuji 35mm f1.4.


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I agree Nikon Fx lens that I have can't come (35mm f1.4G, 85mm f1.4G,24-70mm f2.8G etc) come close. When you try XF 60mm you will finds XF 35mm less sharp....

I don't own fujifil 35mm lens yet but I owe nikon 35 1.4G, 85 1.4G an I can guarantee you that these lenses are as sharp as lens can be. Ether you have wrong copy or did not do fine tune on your camera body. I don't think there can be better lens then nikon 24 1.4G or 85 1.4G

But from what I seen the fuji 35 can be as good as nikon prime 1.4 G lens

I am even impressed with 18-55

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I have Nikon 35 f1.4G, 85 F1.4G on Nikon D3. They get crisp past 2.0 and I would be lucky to get anything as sharp in single attempt. Through the viewfinder the focus usually appears nailed but not so when uploaded onto my PC. I don't have a problem nailing focus @ 2.8 with 70-200G or 24-70G. With Fujinon 35/60 I have more tact sharp eyelashes WIDE OPEN than I could ever get with the Nikons. Another important distinction is how the Fujinon deals with specular highlights somethings the Nikons especially 35mm f1.4G fails by a mile. There could be something wrong with my D3 Body but then I very much doubt that.

Not anything wrong with the body, but there could be a small calibration difference, which you can use the lens micro adjustments to correct.

Focus is confirmed by AF detectors which receive some of the light reflected by the mirror. The detectors have to be very precisely calibrated so they match the focal plane of the sensor when the mirror is raised. Small discrepancies can and do exist, sometimes on a lens by lens basis.

You make the adjustments in the menus, by repeated testing of the focus with your lens. If you feel it is not as sharply focused as it can be, you set a small adjustment and reshoot. If it improves, you keep making adjustments until you find the adjustment that gives the best result. If it worsens, you revers the direction (sign) of the adjustment and again keep adjusting until you get the best result.

You repeat the process for each lens and the adjustments remain in camera and get used automatically for each lens.


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