Learning to use NEX-6, slowly!

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Re: Learning to use NEX-6, slowly!

jpatkinson wrote:

After selling off the D700 and fast primes to go with a lighter kit, I tried the FUJI X100, then tried the SONY RX100, and finally landed on the NEX-6 last night. The kit SELP1650 seems okay so far, but I grabbed the SEL16F28 and SEL50F18 on the way home from work tonight to compare and contrast.

I think you're looking for the Sony NEX forum, but I'm still amazed that the last pic is at ISO 3200. At f/4 you'd expect that pic to be darker, but compensating with ISO that high for more light without sacrificing much IQ makes me want an NEX6.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason you couldn't have shot that at f/1.8 for more light and lower the ISO?

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