Should I even buy a camera at all?

Started Nov 20, 2012 | Questions thread
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Should I even buy a camera at all?

Well, to put it plainly, that's the question I keep tossing about in my head. I've done my research, made my choices for gear, and have only to buy it...

and so why can't I just do it?

I feel like I'm getting advice from the wrong people.

First and foremost, the lack of necessity my wife puts on this purchase weighs heavily. Then again everything I buy is put into that category, and not without just cause. In our 18 years together I have been the spender, her the miser, and it took her 10 years to correct my debt building ways. So now I have what I call "pre" buyers remorse, which often leaves me wanting instead of buying.

A co-worker of my wife, who has thousands in camera equipment and is "pro" on the side, has convinced her that I will need to spend over $1000, well more than what I have decided upon, to get the kind of images I looking for. He shoots sports at night on full size adult fields. I want to shoot sunny Florida days on quarter size kids fields. I don't need a $2000 lens for that.

My boss, who has a D7000, D3S, and several thousands in lenses and gear used for our business and his personal use, I feel has discouraged me in nearly every way. I thought he'd be excited for me, but instead "why don't you just get a point and shoot".


More than anything this is just my way of thinking out loud, rather than a "buy/don't buy" poll. But where I expected enthusiasm I get disdain, as if I'm not worthy of joining the DSLR club or that I'm incapable of using one to fullest potential as well as the "why do you need it" point of view. I an an artist, musician, a tech geek, and I see the image I want and trust that I have the patience to get it. Why do so many insist that I must have a true need rather than a wanton desire to finally own a cool piece of technology? Unlike an iPad, a laptop, latest cell phone, all of which sit unused for 90% of the day, a DSLR can provide immediate satisfaction but also leave behind a "shoe box" of wonderful images waiting to be found for generations to come. My grandfather had pictures, my father has cases of slides, and my kids will have flash drives.

That's my justification, and I'm sticking to it. Thanks to those who find time to read my rant.

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