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Re: Software suggestions for Newbee

My 2 cents.

I agree with MikeFromMesa. He has written a great summary of some very good software.

But I would suggest that you really consider Lightroom!

My reasons are these.

  1. Although you can download all (most?) the mentioned packages for a free trial (and Picasa is free), the amount of time that it would take to acclimates, understand, and evaluate all the packages would take forever.
  2. Once you start with one of the applications and start getting familiar with it, you may find another application awkward, feels unfamiliar, and not give it a fair shake. I know a lot of folks that just feel more comfortable with an application even though  it may not be the best tool available.
  3. Take a consensus! (You have started that here.) But do some more research and read, read, and then read some more. Understand that some folks just love their application so much, any discussion that something else might be better can start a religious war! Flame On! And ​my​ favorite is... "Lightroom"!
  4. Find an application that will offer multiple functionality. Photoshop is the ultimate (again, my opinion) is image editing but it is only an editor and makes changes at the pixel level. Other applications will help in organizing, printing, publishing, etc.
  5. If you start with some of the applications and later find that they fall short, it will cost more to start with another.

My reasons for suggesting Lightroom:

  1. It is a bargain at half the price that it has been. It was introduced at $300 in 2006/2007. This year Adobe cut the price in half! And you should be able to find it for much cheaper this Friday or next Monday.
  2. It is a ​non-destructive editor​. Changes you make are not permanent and can be reversed at anytime. They are saved as a set of instructions in Lightroom's database and/or a side-car file (.XMP)
  3. Lightroom has a Library, Development, Map, Book, SlideShow, Print, and Web modules. It is a Workflow application from cradle to grave. If you need to do some more advanced work, you can ​Edit in ... ​the editor of your choice: Photoshop, PSP, etc.

One further caveat: If you start with an application such as Lightroom, do everything from Lightroom. It is a databased organizer and it will not capture any changes to files (move, delete, edit) if done outside of the application.

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