More Sony vs Nikon/Canon conversation

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More Sony vs Nikon/Canon conversation

After reading the recent Ken Rockwell 5R review thread I wanted to post this.

As I've said I am an experienced Nikon film photographer (and Mamiya to a lesser extent) that has recently bought the 5N for low money $419 with 18-55 from Adorama (been doing business with them for years).

I have been pleasantly surprised by the image quality (sharpness/particularly great color) and the fact that its a fun camera. I'm still trying to transfer my old skills to this menu based system. I'm surprisingly not having a problem without a viewfinder.

I always enjoy reading Rockwell on kit even if its just for amusement.

True Nikon and Canon have huge reserves dedicated to R&D etc.

The reason I'm bring this up is that being an old film guy and knowing SLRs I will undoubtedly be buying a DSLR at some point and I really like the Sony's.

I like the way they feel in your hand (A77). Now I do not shoot sports or moving things. So I don't really need an auto focus that someone from Sports Illustrated would need on the sidelines of an NFL game. Understand?

I shoot city-scapes and famous buildings etc. day and night , and to a lesser extent, posed people.

The image quality from my 5N is pretty great so far and I'm a beginner with this camera. I can't imagine how good the image quality would be with an A77 or better, with more control.

I know its subjective and I know Rockwell is a provocateur, that's how he gets clicks people, but honesty can anyone say objectively that Nikon and Canon beat Sony's high end translucent mirror camera's pound for pound in image quality as he is saying.

I looked at the Nikon D5100 before I bought the 5N and in 5 seconds looking through the dark viewfinder, as a film guy, knew I wouldn't buy it.

I'm liking the Sony's. I always trust my instincts.

Nikon D5100 Sony SLT-A77
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