RX100 and X-E1 35mm 1.4 and Oly EPL5 20mm 1.7

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Re: New X-E1 pictures

EyeOTBeholder wrote:

Hi , these portraits look definitely better in comparison to your first postings parallel to OLY results.

I was a little bit worried because of too soft eye details as the oly oly had much better sharpness than X-E1.

However, in these new pictures the face and the eyes look much sharper except by the last one where the focus point is a little failed. I assume that the lighting conditions have also played an important role here as this applies generally to better photography.

For me personaly crispy sharp eyes on a portrait is very important. Local sharpening through post processing is simply odd for me.

So, how did you achieve this?



p.s. You should ignore the unkind and aunfair posters here. For some, their choises are holly and not to be questioned, almost like a religion. On the other hand, my first opinion was that you were already familiar with the other two cameras but a rookie in terms of X-E1. I don't know how true...

photo perzon wrote:

Hello Photo Perzon

These pics look much better than the one's you posted in OP.  Like  the colour balance better on these.

A bit it off topic, but I have noticed you have continuously been made the butt of jokes in this and the MFT and Sony Cyber Shot talk forums, mostly by "experts" who don't even dare to post their own pics either here, on own photo web site, or in DPR gallery for their own credibility.  Yet they are usually one of the the first ones to ciritize you for posting pics or because you have an inventory of cameras to play with.  Even threads that you are not even participating in, for heaven's sake!

What is that all about, I wonder.

Why is that?

Anyway, thanks for posting.  Please continue posting pics, and don't let the bully's win.

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