Let's talk 'Shutter Shock'...

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Let's talk 'Shutter Shock'...

There have been quite a few posts regarding this issue, to the point where a new-comer might think the term 'shutter shock' is some standard photographic term. In fact a web search led me to 'Shutter Stock' -- no reference to shutter shock.

Before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, I am not denying that a problem exists for some micro four thirds shooters. I have seen enough 'tests' posted to see that there are truly some issues at certain shutter speeds with IBIS on when hand-holding the cameras -- for some people.

DSLR's with 'anti-shock' functions are obviously concerned with mirror slap -- a non-issue for mirrorless cameras. But I find it interesting that the Oly E-M5 User Manual states that the purpose of the 'Anti-shock' function is to "Choose the delay between the shutter button being
pressed and the shutter being released."

The emphasis is vibration caused by pressing the shutter button -- not vibration caused by 'shutter shock'.

I am wondering if the issue has nothing to do with 'shutter shock' and everything to do with users who are very good at hand holding a camera in a very steady manner, and causing the IBIS system to over-compensate at fairly fast shutter speeds when the shutter button is pressed -- much like shooting on a tripod with IBIS on.

I simply don't have a problem with this issue. I have tried as best I can to cause 'shutter shock' at the suspect shutter speeds, at various ISO's, with all kinds of focal lengths, and all I get is consistency -- no blurred or 'double image' effect, etc. Then again, I am not the world's best at holding a camera real steady -- it's one reason I shoot a lot with a tripod.

These cameras are mass produced from fairly standard components, and there is no reason I can imagine why some would have this 'inherent' problem, while others do not.

Regardless, I am very pleased with the IBIS system performance at any and all shutter speeds, and I offer the image below to show why. This was a random image I did the other evening while considering this issue. I shot this handheld in fairly low light with my E-M5 and 40-150mm lens at full zoom, with the digital teleconverter on. So in 35mm terms, we are talking a 600mm field of view. At 1/25 Sec. I am very impressed with the sharpness of this shot - the E-M5 IBIS system performs well for me.:-)

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