Nex-7, Samyang 800mm, moon and Jupiter

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Re: Nex-7, Samyang 800mm, moon and Jupiter

compupro wrote:

Well, Jupiter huge by size. When trying to catch also the moons one must use rather long shutter time which in turn makes the planet over exposed. I tried also to catch just the planet and then the shutter times were very short. However, with this set up the surface of Jupiter still remained very obscure. With this composition the moons are not visible.

There's probably no good way to do the trick I used in the photo below, but I'll mention it anyway. I wanted a shot that included both Jupiter's moons and our moon. If I exposed for lunar detail it was too faint to get Jupiter's moons. If I exposed for Jupiter's moons, the lunar detail was all washed out.

I kept thinking "I wish I could set different exposures for different parts of the frame". Then I remembered reading a trick where you use your hand to block the really bright moon during a long exposure, pulling it away right before the exposure ends. It took a lot of tries and I never got it quite perfect, but this was pretty close to what I was aiming for:

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