Software suggestions for Newbee

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Re: Software suggestions for Newbee

One other thing to think about when shooting raw. Raw images are basically files containing sensor data from the camera and so each specific raw format is proprietary. The Canon raw image format is not the same as the Nikon raw image format and, in fact, the raw image format from a Canon 7D is not the same as that from a Canon 600D and that is different from a Canon 5D. The camera sensors vary and hence so do the raw image formats.

The reason this is important is because not all software contain converters for all cameras and you will want to be sure that any software you buy will process your raw images. It is easy to check (most software web sites will contain information about which cameras they support), but  it is important to remember to check. Jpgs are basically the same from camera to camera, but raws are different.

As a practical matter this probably isn't important since most common software will process raw images from most common (or at least popular) cameras, but you should think about what camera you will want to use and whether or not its raw format is supported. If your camera is a common Canon or Nikon all of the software I listed will probably process the raw images. If you have something less common you may find that some software will not handle the raw images from that camera.

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