16MP v 24MP sensors

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Re: 16MP v 24MP sensors

Tom May wrote:


I'm interested in Topaz especially for my older Coolpix's but I'm curious if you find any value in the Bundle.

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Hi Tom.  You can download all of them for a 30 day trial.  I didn't buy the bundle.  Topaz Denoise 5 is my go to for a noisy pic.  They claim it reconstructs missing detail, and I think they're right.  I also use Topaz Remask, which is much easier and not out of control like the Quick Selection tool in PS.  I have Topaz Detail, which is useful here and there, probably wouldn't buy it again.  I don't care much for Topaz B&W, but otoh, I won't pay $199 for the clearly better SilverFX Pro.  Topaz Denoise applied selectively on a layer is amazing.


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