Help needed - Upgrade or Downgrade?

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Re: Help needed - Upgrade or Downgrade?

Andrew53 wrote:

I've been searching for a lighter alterntive to the 5D and L lenses for a long time and I have tried everything from high end point and shoots to the Leica M9.

The best, lighter, alternative for me (so far) is the Pentax K5 with 18-135 along with the 31mm f1.8. 90% of the quality of the 5DIII and my typical L lenses with 1/2 the weight. I haven't regretted taking it with me anywhere - which I can't say for the other small cameras I own.

All that said, when it really matters I take my 5D Mark III and L lenses.

Leica? Not something I can afford

Pentax? Not something I'm interested in

Not sure if there's any problem with me but I plan on sticking with the more popular brands like Sony (love them!), Canon or Fuji. Panasonic lost its appeal, never had any interest in Olympus, hardly ever heard of Pentax. I live in Malaysia and it's not popular here, the accessories are probably really hard to come by.

Maybe it's just me, oh well.

Last thing, I started this thread because I cannot find that "when it really matters" situation... Thats why I dont see the worth of keeping my 5D2 and L lenses. *cries*

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