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Re: Lenses?

pcassel wrote:

You don't say which lenses you use with the 5D2 which makes for a heavy kit. If you are using the 24-70 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8 - pretty typical - then your issue is the lens selection. The ease of using the 5D2 with, say, the 35 mm f2 or the pancake 40 is as easy as the Sony. Yes, there are a few grams difference, but no healthy adult can notice the difference.

That you mention upgrading to the 5D3 which doesn't address a single issue in your OP causes me to think you have a case of upgrade fever. If so, then nothing else will do but a new kit. Get the 5D3 and the new lenses to make your lightweight kit and be happy.

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Hi, of all the post, I think yours is most interesting because:

1. You've guessed the lens I used. The main lens on my 5D2 is the 24-70 or the 16-35. I dont do telephoto much but when I do it's mostly in the zoo or safari with a 2x EF Extender III and the 70-200 2.8 IS II. The 24-70 is the most used lens as my walkabout and street / candid shots. The 16-35 is for group photos or landscape only but not that frequent.

2. You shift my perspective from changing system to changing lens. I have always wanted to get fast prime - 35mm. Primes are generally lighter than zooms. It do not have to be the L, cannot afford it since our 2nd child was born 4 months ago. I am looking at the new 35mm f2.0 IS USM but it's not available in Asia yet. I am not sure when is the release date. The other 35mm f2.0 is quite hard to find in where I live now. I've tried it before and indeed it's beautiful.

Being a very normal guy in his 30s, I think it's normal that I want the latest technology every time I see one. It's not just about DSLR but about computers, mobile phones, car and etc. The thoughts of upgrading to 5D3 was there once but was put on hold because of more important things like the birth of our second son and a new business setup. The fact that 61 AF points over 9 AF points on the 5D2 made it a lot more tempting but as said, the thoughts were put off. I have not thought or speak about the 5D3 since and only recently when we returned from a family event and ran through the shots, we realized that about 20 - 30% of the shots were unusable.

The event was her grandpa's birthday at a restaurant I never been, so we weren't expecting poor lighting. I didnt have a speedlite (heavy + lazy). Most of the shots are ok but some turn out blurry. She just made a remark to upgrade to the 5D3 next year. It took me by surprised as well but I didnt tell her that I have thoughts of changing system. Selling any gadget or tech stuff is always a loss so she hated it so I kept silent.

Guess dpreview was my only outlet. Thanks for reading and suggesting and changing my perspective. I really appreciate it and am planning to do just that.

I am considering selling either the 16-35 or the 24-70. I am not sure which as this has always been my dilemma. I like some people's shot at 50mm but I cant do produce the same result. I used a program from the net and found 70 - 80% of my shots were done at 35mm. I guess I'm the 35mm person but am not sure whether to sell my 16-35 or 24-70 to fund for a new prime.

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