RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

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Re: RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

ElessarJD wrote:

A camera shop guy tried telling me that the resolution only affects the quality in relation to how large you want to print. But I've found that to not be true. I had a Canon S100 P&S before my RX100 and the quality difference between the two is very significant. Just looking at the pictures on my screen, zoomed out to 30% on both pics, you can tell the RX100's bigger sensor just produces sharper and richer detail. Even in ideal light conditions, the improved IQ is quite noticeable. I don't mean to sound like an RX100 fanboy, but this thing has just blown me away the last couple months I've had it.

Thanks. The largely glowing reviews and reported experiences like yours are bringing me round to buying one.

I like 24wide and good DR, hence my interest in the LX7. But I can see the RX100 makes a compelling case for being a DSLR in your pocket. Despite the lack of 24mm wide it makes a good upgrade to my S95 in almost every way. I like also that the HDR mode is handheld and has choices, unlike Canon's lame version that needs a tripod.

When the price drops a bit, I'll buy an RX100. Thanks everyone for your useful information.


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