Considering upgrading from Finepix S700 to F660EXR.

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Re: Considering upgrading from Finepix S700 to F660EXR.

gardengal4 wrote:

Thanks so much for all your inputs. Very good inputs. I knew I was at the right place

Some of the alternatives mentioned are not 15x or 20x. I definitely want to upgrade the x's this time to at least 15x.

I like the features of the Canon SX260IS, but it is about 40% higher priced (and even more in a color... I am so tired of black). It tracks more with the Finepix F750EXR than the F660EXR. The SX160IS is more the apples-to-apples camera with the F660EXR -- at least on price.

One of the features of the F660 that caught my eye in the side-by-side was that it says it produced video in MP4 format (or H.264). However, when I look deeper on the Fuji and Amazon specs, that is not the case. So that small advantage for Fuji goes away.

I liked that the F660 did *NOT* have GPS, but I suppose I can shut that off in the Canon.

I like the Canon brand, but one nit is that all the pictures are named IMG_nnnn and will be redundant with all my files from my old Powershot. I mostly file pictures in specific category folders (family, Joe, Fido, Roses) rather than rename them.

I have a technical question from the side-by-side on Min/Max shutter speeds. Are the Canon specs preferred over the Fuji in this example? :

I don't really understand the workings of shutters, altho I know it's a super big deal. Under what circumstances do min and max come into play?

Also, I noticed on this picture that the Finepix's have a better hand grip than the Canon's. That was appealing too for the Finepix.

This is going to be really hard!!! Appreciate any further input.

The minimum shutter speed corresponds to tripod mounted shooting in low light. Note that Canon locks ISO to 100 for long exposures, limiting the usefulness of the feature. Max shutter speed is the ability of camera to take fast action pictures, to freeze the motion. On P&S cameras with slow lenses, it will be very rarely needed, if ever. If the price is a limiting factor, and you don't want to buy used or less then 15x zoom, the F660 is pretty much the only decent choice. Canon SX160 is a bargain basement model, much bigger and clunkier in size, and has noisy sensor in low light shooting, but it is a competent camera otherwise.

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