a Boardwalk is a Street by the Sea, right?

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Re: I agree with your look at it

oneANT wrote:

xtoph wrote:

started talking for the first time about something named 'street photography', and having their minds blown by it.

My mind explodes every time I think on it. To know that there was nothing in their consciousness, no aesthetic to draw upon. Crazy fun. Even to have this self awareness of what it would have been like is so missing in street. Its like being amazed at water ...its transparent for Pete's sake, and conforms to the shape of its container and can be a solid and a gas. And yet its something to flush our toilets and wash our cars with.

How on earth did it tip over from the photographer recognising something to then have the audience follow ...when now the audiences cannot see sh!t. The funny look at the silly monkey pics are easy for them to understand but thats all they want now ...to be entertained by a funny monkey or a pic of a pretty girl. They'll flush the toilet but they wont stop to watch it. (grin)

In the beginning it was all about a new idea but why is it no new ideas are possible, has the world ended?

Well, maybe not the world. Possibly history has ended (in fukuyama's sense, sort of); or possibly just the age of the world picture (per heidegger)  has come to a close. Either way, the 'shock of the new' has itself become something of a bore, at least where popular culture, and a popular audience, is concerned.

I just was looking through a new book of photos, a compendium of edward weston's work, and it is actually kind of amazing how clearly his work makes qualitative leaps, seemingly realizing whole new aesthetics not just for photography but for his own photography out of nothing, as though they sprung full-formed from his brow every decade or so. (a cynic might note the coincidence of that timetable with his turnover of beautiful assistents, nearly all of whom were photographers in their own right and from whom he 'borrowed' ideas such as photographing vegetables [not to mention borrowing the vegetables themselves]--even if he did seem to have a knack for takning the basic subject matter idea and coming up with a new way of looking at it.)

But as extraordinary as e weston was, he had at least one thing which none of us ever will: a concerted audience. Even if we could muster an analogous proportion of eyes on our work, we have lost the mechanisms for coordinating the ensuing discussion.

We get photographers doing the absurd http://www.flickr.com/groups/rawstreetphotography/discuss/72157631872084420/

and the questionable ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/matteib/8066315531/ where I dont think anyone can see what the picture is really about, as crude as it is. They think it is an aesthetic because a wee pun like this would never be missed in the comments.

I understand the core of street well enough, not as well as you might but its because my energies are elsewhere ...in the fringes where I like to dabble.

And like you I think the genre is greater than the self and must be preserved but it must also permit the freedom to be relevant in 2012 and beyond.

Well i agree on both counts--moreover the latter depends on the former. In order to perform its function as a ground for creative expression (in new and different ways and directions), street photography has to be something. It makes no sense to say 'look at this as a novel kind of street photography, or in relation to sp' if street has now bounds to begin with. Discipline is a condition of creativity; without limits, there would be nothing new to create.

Being 2012 ...or 2009 as it happens was something that I thought was time it was seen.

I know I prattled a bit but inside of my silly rants are some pretty big questions ....grin

Big indeed.


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