Nexus 7 as a mobile data transfer platform

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Re: Nexus 7 as a mobile data transfer platform

technic wrote:

DarcyAB wrote:

I have a Nikon D600 and am looking at options to store my photos when travelling. Rather than carrying a laptop I am considering the following:

  • Nexus 7 with JellyBean - ligh a still big enough for email, books etc. (no other intended use other than a little browsing)
  • USB powered Hub,
  • USB Card reader connected to the Hub
  • Powered USB external 500 gb drive also connected via the Hub

Will this configuation work as a means of transferring and storing photos? Has anyone tried this conguration?

When I ask in stores I get blank looks. They just want to sell another laptop.

I know there are other options that record direct to the external drive but my feedback is that they are unreliable and just as expensive as the above.

Iam also thinking that I can use the above configuration as an external monitor for the D600 using the USB link.

Why don't you use a PSD (personal storage device)? They are much smaller, lighter, faster, cheaper etc. for what you want and without a doubt FAR more reliable. Ergonomics of a tablet for storage are terrible compared to a well designed PSD (e.g. Nexto, but there are others with good ergonomics).

Yes, a tablet has many other nice options like viewing your images or controlling your DSLR, but for storage it is not a good idea, at least not with the current tablets (maybe in a few years ...).

Yes the Nexus 7 will transfer to a  Powered USB external 500 gb drive also connected via the Hub IF you use a app like "Nexus Media Importer" or if rooted use "StickMount". You will also most likely want a file browser like  "File Manager". I own a Nexus 7 and do like it. But I also agree with what technic wrote above.

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