My camera is better than yours...

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Re: My camera is better than yours...

No it 'ain't. Mine's better than yours.... and it's bigger ....and anyway I bet my Dad could beat up your dad ... so there!

Nah, nah!

ToString wrote:

So I bought a new camera today...

The first thing I'm going to do, is:

Create the most extreme situation (which would never happen) and change the cameras settings to that of which you would have to be less than a complete and utter incompetent moron to shoot with.

Then I'm going to take another camera from another camera company, repeat the previous step.

Then I'm going to put these picture into the computer, and try recover them (even though they are past the point of recovery).

Then I'm going to zoom in to a level which on any standard print or screen, the human eye would not be able to tell the difference anyway.

Then I'm going to attempt to articulate some sort of babble which clearly indicates a winner.

I now fit in, and I now am awesome.

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