RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

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Re: RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

NIK11 wrote:

cllcanada wrote:

LX7 is a nice camera but it can't touch the RX100 in image quality or portabiliy...a few image comparisons here


Thanks, I've looked at these. Yes on portability.

On IQ the rationale becomes a little diluted if, like me, you print at normal sizes and therefore don't need all of that extra resolution and shoot mostly in daylight. But I sure would appreciate the extra DR(in RAW) for daylight shooting as well as the more faithful colours through the ISO range that the RX offers when I need fast shutter speeds..


PS Just to make life difficult, the LX7 has 5fps continuous vs 2.5 of RX.

A camera shop guy tried telling me that the resolution only affects the quality in relation to how large you want to print.  But I've found that to not be true.  I had a Canon S100 P&S before my RX100 and the quality difference between the two is very significant.  Just looking at the pictures on my screen, zoomed out to 30% on both pics, you can tell the RX100's bigger sensor just produces sharper and richer detail.  Even in ideal light conditions, the improved IQ is quite noticeable.  I don't mean to sound like an RX100 fanboy, but this thing has just blown me away the last couple months I've had it.

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