Help to improve depth of field and IQ of this shot please

Started Nov 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Rashkae Senior Member • Posts: 1,176
I concur...

....with the others. f/11 should help a bit, but f/8 at 16mm is quite good already.What would help you more is using RAW, then applying better color curves/tweaks and sharpening later on a PC.

Using this link here:

I plugged in:




and set the focus point as being 10feet (3 meters), thus creating a hyperfocal field.

Depth of field

Near limit  3.45 ft

Far limit  Infinity

Total  Infinite

In front of subject  6.5 ft

Behind subject  Infinite

Hyperfocal distance  5.3 ft

Circle of confusion  0.02 mm

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