A99 fault in body design

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Re: A99 fault in body design

Ionian wrote:

Michaels7 wrote:
So we know that you'll continue to reply because you can't help yourself. The insecure do those types of things.

Awesome. I like what you did there. You tried to take the very thing I told you and flip it around back on me. I know you think you're clever, but you're not that smart.
This is getting a bit boring, though. You're like a weeble-wobble. You know, that old kids toy where you push and they fall down and then spring back up to get pushed again? Exactly.

But feel free to spring back up after this push. That's what the purpose of that toy is.

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Old man, I didn't to anything to you. You did it to yourself. Just look at your initial replies. You remind me of a discussion that my local barber and I had about the so called old/elder that try to present themselves as intelligent because they're older or assume. "They are a lot of old fools out here that haven't grown up." You're an example of that conversation. Nothing "awesome" about that at all. You want respect, learn how to give it. The irony of this conversation is your predictable behavior. where you're projecting that weeble wobble syndrome. If you were smart, you'd actually say and not do. You know, the part where you're suppose to stop replying. But like I said, you can't help yourself. That wasn't a flip it around on you. Just stating the facts. I find you very transparent and amusing. Carrying on.

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