Canon 6D gallery, could mostly be done with with m43?

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Re: Canon 6D gallery, could mostly be done with with m43?

illy wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Just checked the 6d gallery which I thought was quite nice for a change, but what I notice now more than ever is the fact there is not much there that can't be done with m43, in fact for many instances m43 would be better, eg in the macro shots they are stopping down and down to get the deeper dof which is hammering the iso and shutter. All in all these behemoths are looking decidedly lacklustre.

and conversely the 6D can do just what m4/3rds can do, they both take pictures just decide which is the toy you want most

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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Actually, it is much less flexible;

without the lens I can get the OMD into my jacket pocket, even with the 14/20mm pancake.

All primes, any fl even legacy are stabilised

Shutter speed for many macros and stills is less of an issue due to IBIS

Stopping down to get dof is not an issue as in the main the camera lens are sharp wide open and exhibit this requirement.

Magnified view in-camera evf for perfect focussing

face and eye detection in-camera evf for perfect portrait exposure and not necesary to frame with single center cross hair af point?

Also, in later life I will not suffer the neck and stress problems caused by bulky camera equipment.

All in all, 6d is a dead-duck, quack quack.

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