David vs. Goliath - another X-E1 new owner

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
EricWN Senior Member • Posts: 2,097
Re: David vs. Goliath - another X-E1 new owner

songeun7 wrote:

I sold everything including Nikon D600 and pre-ordered X-E1 and Zoom lens. I just didn't want to carry big and heavy gears anymore. These days, PP software is so good, you really don't need IQ as much as before

Why would one buy a D600 in the first place if heavy and big cameras have been around for ages, especially when you say you do not want a heavy camera? I mean, i see the appeal of having something new, but if it's too heavy for me, I don't buy in the first place.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the Fuji!

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