PDAF issue on D800E

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Re: Inconsistent focus..

S1m0n wrote:

Hi Barry

Thanks for adding to this thread.

The d800 is the first Nikon I have had with focus issues. I never tried the D90 or D7000 so that may be why. I have always been impressed by Nikon in the past, so stayed with them.

all the best


Simon I wish I could help more but I simply have no idea why the AF is like this. It's certainly not like the Minolta/Sony bodies I have used. They are consistent..and unlike the Nikon's will let you know if the contrast is too low (I prefer that to tons of hunting and a miss)

I liked the handling and the system is overall very good, but I just could not accept the AF performance which was well below what I expected.

The problem is that variation in focus, you never know if it's going to be on target or not. I can't really risk losing keeper shots because of this. Maybe there is some technical explanation for what is going on..or maybe Nikon's AF is just prone to more focus variation. Hope you can get the problems resolved, I personally didn't have a great experience with Nikon service.

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