Panasonic vs Olympus Lenses Cost Inquiry

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You gain two EVs of DR with the E-M5 over the previous Pens !

tedolf wrote:

your photograpy to "mostly in good light" you don't need to spend $1000.00 on an OM-d. One of the less expensive u 4/3 cameras will work fine. At ISO 200, all these cameras look pretty much the same with the Oly's having the better JPEGS. It is only above ISO 800 where you can even start to tell the difference.

no this isn't true, you are forgetting the way improved dynamical range of the new Sony sensor in the OM-D. I'm also someone shooting at lower ISOs, but the E-M5 offers a great improvement over all the mft cameras I have owned in the past (the last ones being the G3 and the E-P3).

Here are the DXO sensor scores for DR : E-M5 : 12.3; G3 : 10.6; E-Pl2 : 10.2

Here the link to DXO comparator. I can't include the GH2, which has a DR of 11.3; same for the G5 which has the GH2 sensor. It is too early to know for the GH3. The E-Pl5 and the E-Pm2 have the same DR as the E-M5. That is two stops more than the older Panasonic sensor which used to come in the Pens; it really changed my life and really makes a difference for landscape shooters and all the pictures taken in contrasty lights. It is a breakthrough for mft cameras.

Don't waste $800.00 on good ISO 3200 if you don't really need it.

The difference in DR justifies it IMO.

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