6D Finally Here! At least in Japan...

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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6D might be a great low light camera, my 5D2 is coming up short on dark moonless nights

So far it is looking like the 6D might be a great low light camera with one AF point that will work in low light. I'm planning to get one instead of the 5D3.

With a 5D2 last Sat. night I was trying to take photos of my son licking a lollipop walking down a street on a dark moonless night illuminated only by distant shop windows in AF servo mode. The 5D2 couldn't lock focus and ISO 3200 f/2 was not enough to capture night time action. I expect the 6D would produce usable images under the circumstances.

Also wedding receptions might be a big use for the 6D. I had no idea how dark they could be at first. When it's that dark people don't like being bathed in Canon's red flash AF assist light and the 6D, silent AF and a bright prime might make it really nice for weddings.

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