Olympus 17/1.8 reviewed @optyczne.pl (LensTip)

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Re: But it is a sharp lens

If the IQ is anywhere close to that of the 20, and it appears that it is, usable AF performance in low-light situations would be worth it for my purposes, as my 20mm hunts in anything less than good light. I've often gotten frames of blurry nothing when the shutter only fired after several seconds of the hunting, long after I'd put the E-M5 down and moved on. I've also noticed that with other lenses like the 12 and 45, the camera is ready to shoot appreciably sooner on wake up and turn-on than with the 20, which sits and does nothing for a while before deciding it is ready to shoot.

Add better AF performance to the more useful (to me) focal length, and the new 17mm sounds very appealing. The disks or bokeh or whatever might not be just so, but I'd rather get the shot I want.
Then again, that's just me.

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