Sony RX1 vs Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Distagon

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Re: Sony RX1 vs Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Distagon

sroute wrote:

How should we characterize the RX1 image quality? Is "superior" a good word, or should we use a different term. I'm coming to grips with its pluses and minuses and believe the trade-offs Sony & Zeiss made seem appropriate for the camera, for most users anyway, or at least this user.

It's "excellent, but..." or "fantastic for..." or "well optimized for the centre of the frame and good at the edges". Is there a one-word superlative that fits?

I know with the RX1 I'm going to see more barrel distortion where today with the Zeiss lenses I shoot I get virtually none, and the edges are nice and crisp. Today I get CA showing up in the real world only occasionally, but in test charts and test subjects designed to bring out CA it'll show up easily. I assume the RX1 will behave much the same - CA wide open once in a while but not objectionable in practice.

The absolute plusses for the lens include very nice out of focus areas, far better than what I shoot today for 35mm and 35mm equivalent, and nice smooth transitions. Overall I like the look very much and the total solution - lens and sensor and camera capabilities - are going to be a step up in many areas from what I shoot now.

Superior, yes, but not across the board, but superior in most ways that matter - to me.

Mileage for other individual photographers will vary of course.

I will say it, the RX1 is fantastic,and it will replace my D700 very comfortably for many shooting styles. The bokeh is very nice and smooth,better than I thought it would be.I will be in the Caribbean in a couple months and I will be taking the RX1 only.The big guys are staying home.   WC

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