Windows 8 and Nikon Capture software

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Windows 8 and Nikon Capture software

I did the upgrade recently from 7 to 8 to my Sager laptop.

What I noticed with Capture NX2 was that it often was hitting 5GB in RAM (only 6GB was installed) and was slowing down and stalling.  Batch processing really slowed it down as did a lot of that Band aid/Makeup tool in Capture NX2.  I bumped it up to 12GB (2 3GB sticks) and it is much better now.

However, some things just won't work with Win 8 and have to be set in compatibility for Win 7 for them to run.  The ColorMunki Photo was one as it would not write a profile and save it with 8 but it works with the compatibility set in Properties to Windows 7.

CS6 seems to run at the same speed. The Sager I have runs at 3.2GHz 64 bit.

That said, I really do not like the Shutdown process in Win 8 Pro and multiple screens to get there to shut it off.  Really is a dumb idea for that over 7.


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