Party and Concert with Nikon P300 ;-)

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Re: Party and Concert with Nikon P300 ;-)

AWPhotos wrote:

Ok, i understand. Under this light conditions is it absolutely impossible tom make correct skin tones without a flash and flash is absolutely not allowed at concerts like that. WB can't manage this extrem light.

toomanycanons wrote:

By "realistic" I mean correct skin tones, no blurred movement, no blue faces! I do like your stuff, that's a type of club photography that looks great It's either capturing a wild laser light show and crowd going nuts or maybe getting a shot of a musician that he'd want in his portfolio (because he asked for it) that is perhaps less wild and crazy.

What the photographer wants (if it's strictly up to him) or the subject prefers (because that's what they've ask you to do) guides the guy behind the camera.

Of course, just taking candid snapshots of the action is one thing, having to produce a specific image is another.

AWPhotos wrote:

Thanx, i can tell you, the light was extremely bad when i was making these pictures! I'm not sure what you mean with "capture realistically". Of course pictures out of a DSLR will be much more clean viewed in 100% but at the Party with the laser light i had my DSLR with me and was disappointed. You need a DSLR with a set of really good and expensive lenses to get really good pictures under that bad lighting conditions!

Here is a picture my brother made with a Nikon 300D at the same concert as my singer with blue light was made:

I think, the P300 managed this situation not too much worse...

toomanycanons wrote:

In situations like this, where the lighting is bound to be funky, almost anything goes. Whatever comes out of your camera will be ok. I liked your pics, BTW.

If you were trying to capture the DJ or band members realistically, the only way would have been with a DSLR. But that wasn't your intent here.

Thanks AWPhotos, that's exactly what I need: a P&S good in low light, no flash, for precisely the same reason--concerts. I love seeing live music, but of course SLRs (& typically flash) are no-nos, and I'm so tired of taking awful, awful pics with my phone. Think I'll take the plunge with the P300 after seeing your sample pics.

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