A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

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Re: A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

I like the s100 and I own one. I did have the lens error (*sigh*), and sent it in, and they fixed it and sent it back. I mentioned it because if budget is a concern it's a good option.

The Panasonic lx7 is an interesting camera, if size is not a concern, and you don't mind physically taking the lens cap on and off all the time - as unlike the s100 the lens cap has to by physically taken on and off. Where the lx7 is cool is it's f1.4 lens, for low/indoor lighting - whereas the lx5 with it's f2.0 lens is the same as the s100. It's lens may be a fraction sharper, and nothing wrong with that, but fyi it's low light performance at high iso's is not quite as good supposedly.

(Note that in the previous paragraph I mention both the lx5 and lx7, they're different cameras).

If you just want cheap, I like the older Olympus xz-1 as well.

But - I just want to point this out again - don't misunderstand that simply buying a physically larger camera is inherently going to get you better image quality. The g12 is larger, for example, but uses the same size sensor as the s100.

Like I said in the above response, short list is s100, lx5, lx7.  I'll see what the best value is; not necessarily the lowest cost, but the best value.  The fact that Amazon has raised the price of the lx7 in the last day or so, again, means keeping an eye out, but that's just corporations being bloody greedy, nothing new.

Thanks, I do understand that the physical size of the camera doesn't equate to image quality.  I was just pointing out that fitting in a shirt pocket was not a 'must have'.

I'm not trying to be cheap, just get the best value.  I've seen the higher priced models, and the overall 'gains' in my opinion don't justify the markups.

Thanks again, I do appreciate the help!


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