A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

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Re: A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

First, I want to say that I generally agree with what Gail is saying. I would point out, fyi, that with the rx100's twice as large sensor do you get better low light performance.

I cannot imagine - myself - why you would consider buying both an s100 and a g-series, but not an rx100. And rx100 will in general take better quality photos than the g-series - just buy it for both. The g-series has some extra "features" - optical viewfinder, hotshoe, and a little longer zoom range - but it's larger size doesn't get you anything other than this stuff.

Depending on your needs and your lens, the rx100 is actually a *better* camera than m43rds - if you're never going to change the lens - on several levels. In low light it's sensor is smaller, but it's lens is so much better for low light vs the kit zoom that the rx100 will actually perform better in low light than m43rds with a kit zoom.

m43rds is better with a prime lens in low light - but then you lose an ability to zoom whatsoever.

However, based on what you've said, I would suggest the Panasonic lx7. If size and the lens cap are not problems, it's *almost* as good as the rx100, but at $450 it's $200 cheaper. It's better lens specs somewhat make up for the rx100's larger sensor, in low light. And the rx100's larger sensor gets you a little - but not a ton - in good light.

Oh, I understand that the rx100 has a bigger sensor, but I wasn't saying I was looking at an s100 and g series, like I would be buying both..I would not.  One or the other.  Consideration is simple, the rx100 is more than twice what the s100 is currently.

Good to know about the 4/3 setup with the kit lens...that would have been a concern.

I have put the lx7 on the short list, thanks.   The list is short indeed, s100, lx5, lx7.  I'll let everyone know what happens.

Thanks again for the great help and advice!


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