16MP v 24MP sensors

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Captain intensity trolls again....

intensity studios wrote:

I don't know anyone who has OWNED a 24mp nikon and been unhappy with the image quality. The people who are waving the 16 megapixel flag are people that have older cameras and don't like it when others have something newer.

Captain intensity, why must you troll so intensely? Your argument works in reverse too, no one that just paid more money for a D3200 is going to like the fact that the cheaper and higher spec D5100 is actually better.

The valid issues with 24 megapixel cameras is the file size/buffer speed. Image quality is not a problem.

Yes, actually, it is.

More noise, less dynamic range, not as good at higher ISO. All things that have even been demonstrated on this very thread.

If the D5200 sensor can match the current 16mp sensor for all these things, then great, fantastic even.

But if it can't? well there is always the 16mp sensor for those that care primarily about image quality over resolution.

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