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qksmith wrote:

thanks, i am getting some more useful responses now.

if you had $2k to spend and wanted one good mid range zoom, and one fast prime plus a pl5 or gx1 what would you choose.

I just recently bought into the MFT system with the OM-D and 45mm f1.8, also got the hood and grip. This came to just over US$1700 in HK. I didn't buy the kit zoom as I'm waiting for the new 17 1.8. To be honest I've haven't considered any of the zooms so far, my plan is to gather a few primes and enjoy the portability of such a small but quality system. The IBIS system makes shooting with primes just like using the IS in Canon zooms. Further down the track I may add the 75 1.8 and possibly the 12-35 zoom.

Prior to this I was using a Canon DSLR with quite a few good lenses, two EF lenses: 70-200 f4L IS & 35L and two EF-S lenses: 10-22 & 17-55. I plan on keeping all my Canon gear for the time being but could sell it off in the future to fund more MFT gear.

I'm currently on a business trip and the OM-D goes everywhere with me, it's just so light and discrete it would be silly not to take it everywhere. Will eventually get around to proccessing my hundreds of photos taken so far.

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