NEX-6 Possibly the best NEX so far..

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Oh no, its not fair on an old man

andres76 wrote:

Some might think is the NEX 7 with its Tri-navi and metal body. Some might say the 5 series with the touch screen and smaller size (and price tag). The truth is people normally tend to defend what they own and is so easy to be biased.

According to Steve Huff; someone who reviews lots of cameras (and who owns an NEX-7), and has had the opportunity to use all NEX models extensively, the new NEX-6 is the best one made to date. Here's what he says: "...the NEX-6 and 16-50 ROCK. Been using it as well as the NEX 5R and the 6 is my hands down fave NEX ever. Same body as the 7 but is faster, has less noise at high ISO, files sizes are more manageable and the 16-50 is a MUCH better kit lens than the old clunky 18-55." His full review of the NEX-6 and 5R should be available soon according to his site.

Isn't that a more credible opinion than that of many of us with sentimental attachments here?

I've just finally worked out how to change the ISO on the NEX-7 and now this. I need to sell it and get a NEX-6 because some guy called Huff says its the best.

Gees I'll tell ya what, between this guy and that other one ......... Rockwell, I don't know what to finally settle on. Every camera that comes out seems to be the "BEST". Man more money down the drain.

I really hope they don't bring a new one out for a very long time, then I might have the best for a little while at least.

Sorry, this old man needs a nanna nap.


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