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Re: Why DSLR?

Engandiyur wrote:

I am really wondered thinking why people waste a lot of money buying DSLRs while they can use small P&S cameras. No one can easily distinguish the image quality between the photos of DSLR and P&S. If you look at the photos on your computer screen, both look like same, right? Why don't you use the money for some other useful purposes? I use a Sony S-750 P&S for the last 5 years and has no problem with it. Why carry a DSLR and a lot of lenses and other accessories with it unnecessary. I think all those who buy DSLRs except the professional photographers (who makes money with their photos) are fools spending a vast amount of money on their camera systems, while they can buy some simple P&S and enjoy the life. What are your views on this? Everybody is welcome to criticize and comment. Thank you.

Before anything went digital, why would anyone buy an SLR? you could get a compact that used the same file. Those old 110 and disk camera, films was film, was the quality of the film the only thing that mattered?

If the size of the film ever mattered, then the size of the sensor still does. DSLRs mostly have larger sensors.

Most P&S have little to no control on the flash, only on or off. Can't rotate, change power, work off camera...

To get a P&S that allows you even basic control of the ISO, shutter and aperture, you're getting into a high end P&S that will cost as much as "starter" DSLRs. If you're not interested in controlling these things, it probably is money wasted.

But even for simple snapshots inside at a kids birthday party, using a DSLR with an 85mm f1.4 lens I'm able to stand back and get repeated photographs of the kids playing that look great. The challenge becomes getting the kids at the right time, facing me, smiling. Working the camera become pretty easy (focusing takes a bit of practice), with the 5 year old P&S I have, it's always lagging in those conditions, and when it does finally work it'll try and use the flash...

When I watch people use the phones and P&S, I see many of them look at the review on the screen and contort there face up, probably wondering why it look so bad, and put there camera away.  Sure, I can stop down to F8, pop up the on camera flash and track kids running directly toward or away from me with Af-S and get similarly poor results, but I'm not really interested in that.

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