Zion National Park

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Re: Zion National Park

Rick, it's the first chance I've had to really look at these, since your note.

I really don't think there is one of them that isn't remarkable, each in its own distinguished way.

In a comparison, Arizona would have to be 'abstract', while Zion is 'other-worldly'.

I got to thinking of Willy Ley, and those marvelous paintings he made in imaginations of settings we would reach across space, some closer by, and some not; some as matte paintings in films, and some not. I hope you might have seen some of those. I think my father loved them, so that we had a book or two besides all the ones in National Geographics, and maybe those can still be had.

One of the aspects which makes a strong draw on the eyes is the way the rock is etched by its breaks, often on the vertical faces, but also as draws the eye to the base right of the larger tree. I remember without looking the faint blue spot on another print, the only first-apparent color, which is considerably effective.

Those which have the incantations of color with the etchings will attract many.

If I have to have a favorite, it is probably the subtlest one, the last. I'd like not to try to say why, but I think you really have something there.

Thanks, Rick, for your thought evident in making these, always yet with the open spaces to walk around, and in sharing them all with us.

The goat, the goat. Well, he looks to me as if he is a statue. And probably standing while he liked, just as still. A cousin your own goats might be intrigued a bit to meet...


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